Sport dal Po...all'Appennino

Sport dal Po...all'Appennino


The Po River marks the northern border of the province of Piacenza for more than one hundred kilometres. Cycle paths for bicycles and mountain bikes run along the river offering wonderful sceneries and glimpses of cities and towns to be discovered or simply admired from afar; paths filled with the atmosphere of the plain of Emilia, which run along the same route as the ancient Via Francigena, transforming our two-wheel tour or holiday into an unforgettable experience.

Cycle tourism and mountain biking around piacenza

The area surrounding Piacenza offers over twenty itineraries structured and organised for walks, mountain biking, snow racketing, trekking and cycle touring that lead to the characteristic sites of the Apennines and run through the lovely valleys dotted with ancient villages, fortresses, mills, roman bridges, alpine gardens, hills of ophiolitic rocks, meadows, waterfalls and even....stars; discover the deep sky at the mountain top Observatory....


Piacenza Turismi:• Tel: +39 0523 305254 • Fax: +39 0523 309298 • • Tel: +39 0523 908209 • Fax: +39 0523 908209


Golf is the protagonist in the foothills of the Apennines, in the province of Piacenza, inside gardens and parks of great beauty.

Croara Country Club
Croara Nuova (Gazzola) Tel: +39 0523 977105 • Fax: +39 0523977100 •
Golf Club Castel'Arquato
Course: 18 holes, 6,052 metres, par 73, S.S.S. 72; 200 metres a.s.l.
Cortina - Bacedasco Alto (Castell'Arquato) Tel: +39 0523 895557 • Fax: +39 0523 895557
Golf Club La Bastardina
Course: 9 holes, 2,304 metres, 9 hole Pitch and Putt
Strada Grintorto, Agazzano Tel: +39 0523 975373 •


In Val d'Arda, in the Parco Provinciale di Piacenza (Parco del Monte Moria - municipality of Morfasso), there is a highly qualified Campus, renowned at national level, equipped exclusively for outdoor activities: archery, trekking and orienteering routes and trails, mountain biking, off road route (for 4x4 vehicles and quad bikes), orienteering experience and mountain fitness route. Famous show people come here to train and important international events are organised here. It is the place par excellence for adventure sports. The Trebbia river, a tributary of the Po river, in the municipality of Cortebrugnatella, offers the opportunity to learn and try river canoeing: there is a kayaking and canyoning school for sit on top kayaking and canyoning. The centre is also a hostel and rents mountain bikes.

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