Parma Apennines: Schia 1200 - 1500 m

Schia is at the foot of Mount Caio, an isolated massif of the Parma Apennines. The resort is in the municipality of Tizzano Val Parma and is mainly equipped for downhill skiing with a number of runs; cross-country skiing is also available. To reach Schia, follow the SS Langhirano-Tizzano road from Parma. There is also a coach service from Parma.

Runs and lifts

Lifts: 7 ski lifts

Transport capacity: 5500 people/hour

Downhill runs: 13 (25 km)

Cross-country trails: 1 loop (2 km)

Ski School - Cross-Country Ski School


No. and length of runs:

1 Ski School slope 350 m

2 Guerdola 2000 m

3 Ore 1° 1850 m

4 Ore 2° 1650 m

5 Schia Ski School slope 300 m

6 Maltempo 2100 m

7 Montelungo 1600 m

8 Parmossino (G) 1000 m

9 Varmania 1250 m

10 Prato grosso 1700 m

11 Le Marne 2100 m

12 Prato dei pomi 1250 m

13 Castagna 1250 m

14 Pilano 1300 m

15 San Matteo 2500 m

Run equipped for freestyle skiing (Caio riders or Fisi members) at Pian delle Guide. The snow park has three runs of different difficulty. Cross-country trail.



1 Schia Ski School slope Easy 300 m

2  Maltempo Medium 1500

3 Montelungo Difficult 1200

4 Parmossino Difficult 1200

6 Prato Grosso Medium 1700

7  Le Marne Medium 2100

8 Prato dei Pomi Medium 1250

9 Castagna Medium 1250

10 Pilano Medium 1300

01 Cross-Country Trail - -




1 Ski school slope ski lift ski lift/t-bars

2  Ski school tapis roulant magic carpet

3 Pian delle Guide double chairlift chairlift

4 Prato Grosso II ski lift ski lift/t-bars



Tel + 39 0521 868555

How to get here:

By Car:

From Parma, 50 min. Follow signs for Langhirano on the SP road until Pastorello, pass the Parma River at Capoponte; a short uphill road leads you after about 5 km to the junction of Loc. Boschetto, turn right. After a few kilometres you will reach Tizzano.

In Tizzano follow directions for Schia (drive through the village and continue straight ahead for about 8 km).

From Aulla, 1 hour 20 min: Go to Passo del Lagastrello, go down to Selvanizza along the SP Val D'Enza  provincial road (villages along the way: Rigoso, Rimagna, Monchio, and D.C. Palanzano)

From Selvanizza, follow signs for Ranzano, before Ranzano there is a junction (with signposts), turn left and cross the next villages: Lallatta Del Cardinale, Capriglio, Groppizioso ( or Casagalvana ). After a few km you will reach Schia.

Otherwise from Ranzano go to Lagrimone and follow the signs (turn left at the petrol station)

By Train: Go to the railway station of Parma then continue by coach or car.

By Coach: From Parma, take the coach line to Tizzano Val Parma. From Tizzano Val Parma continue by car or taxi.


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