Modena Apennines, Frassinoro Piandelagotti 1400 - 1800 m : the Valli del Dragone

At the heart of the Parco Naturale del Frignano, along the Tosco-Emiliano ridge where the wind, both gentle and strong, tells stories of art and tradition, the warm hospitality and peacefulness of this resort invite you to learn more about these places so rich in history. A journey with roots in remote past times when each small community that lived in the ancient Selva Romanesca used to work hard for the development of the community. The autonomy of each single community, supported by the local peculiarities, led to a diversified local development now represented by the many facets of the Valli del Dragone. One single area that stretches from the hills of Prignano s/S up along the homonymous stream through Palagano, Montefiorino and Frassinoro up to the border with Tuscany at about 1500m; the woods and clearings bewitch anyone who comes to discover this area, at any time of the year. This place is ideal for an enjoyable day of healthy physical exercise to the discovery of horizons and landscapes through guided visits, walks, or excursions on mountain bike or on horseback. Activities available include orienteering, cross-country skiing, nature holidays and skiing holidays all crowned by excellent local food, magical sunsets, cheerful fairs, markets and village fetes: the art of combining ancient tastes and hospitality with the natural beauty of this area; different ways to discover and fall in love with a valley filled with emotions of times gone by.

Frassinoro-Piandelagotti Cross-Country Skiing Paradise

The Frassinoro-Piandelagotti Cross-Country Skiing Paradise, so different from the Alps in terms of skiing tradition and landscape, hosted the Campionati Italiani Assoluti e Cittadini di sci di fondo (Italian Cross-Country Skiing Championships for professional athletes and for local inhabitants that reside in towns located below 500 m) from 28 January to 1 February 2004: an event that promoted the scenic and challenging trails of the Apennines, highly appreciated by the athletes of the national team for their selectivity; there are also trails that can be tackled by anyone who loves this difficult yet fascinating sport. The programme rich in collateral events offered the great number of visitors the opportunity to experience the emotions of a professional competition as well as fun and enjoyment for all ages. An overall success, recognised at national level, which gave the Valli del Dragone the opportunity to show its multifaceted features and characteristics as well as the hospitality and friendliness typical of these areas.

BOSCOREALE CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING CENTRE – Piandelagotti 50 km of trails to experience the mountains on narrow skis.   Artificial snow.

Cross-country skiing is a difficult yet fascinating sport with a low environmental impact practiced along trails of different lengths and difficulty that unfold across woods and meadows, revealing breathtaking sceneries.

The Centro Fondo Boscoreale, starting point for professional athletes, beginners and excursion lovers, features 40 km of trails with sections that connect this area with Tuscany and the Reggio Emilia Apennines; a way of discovering this territory, where nature offers a world of emotions and surprises.

There are also trails especially for snow rackets, for those who love walking in the snow: equipment can be hired at the ticket office.

A floodlit loop of 2.5 km with artificial snow system is available for skiers that wish to ski under the stars braving the cold.

Services: ski school, school trail, waxing room, changing rooms, ski and equipment hire.


Trails: School trails, 2/3/5/7/10/14 km loops (classic and free technique)

The trails are marked with a different colour according to the difficulty; they start at 1420 m and go up to over 1800 m. All loops are approved for use in their individual area: the 2,3,4,5 km loops are approved at national level for skating and classic techniques. A route connects the Boscoreale trails with Passo delle Radici where there is a 4 km loop. A recovery service with snowmobile is available.

Signs: start and finish signs, signs along the trail, arrows, distance signs (km), and introductory route.

Grooming: track for classic technique and skating technique

Snow: from December to April. Artificial snow available on 3 km loop and school trail.

Excursions: excursions to the Tosco Emiliano ridge, Passo delle Radici, Passo delle Forbici and Abetina Reale are available.

Facilities: waxing room, changing rooms, car park, first aid, timekeeper booth with all comforts.

Equipment hire: skis, shoes and snow rackets for excursions.


RED TRAILS: medium

BLACK TRAILS: difficult

ORANGE TRAILS: for snow rackets


1 Campo scuola 700m - 700 Boscoreale Piandelagotti
2 Anello 1 km - 1000 Boscoreale Piandelagotti
3 Lagacci 1,5km - 1500 Boscoreale Piandelagotti
4 Grotticelli 2 km - 2000 Boscoreale Piandelagotti
5 Le Sorgenti 2,5km. - 2500 Boscoreale Piandelagotti
6 Le Tre Fontane 3km - 3000 Boscoreale Piandelagotti
7 Naturalistico L 1km - 1000 Boscoreale Piandelagotti
8 I Faggi 4km - 4000 Boscoreale Piandelagotti
9 Tagliaboschi 5km - 5000 Boscoreale Piandelagotti
10 Avvoltoi 7km - 7000 Boscoreale Piandelagotti
11 Maccheria 12km - 12000 Boscoreale Piandelagotti
12 Percorso Giovarello 3km - 3000 Boscoreale Piandelagotti
13 Raccordo Passo delle Radici 1km - 1000 Boscoreale Piandelagotti
14 Pista Passo delle Radici 4km. - 4000 Boscoreale Piandelagotti
1 Anello km 1.5 - 1500 Lago Murato Frassinoro
2 Anello km 2 - 2000 Lago Murato Frassinoro
3 Anello km 3 - 3000 Lago Murato Frassinoro
4 Anello km 4 - 4000 Lago Murato Frassinoro
5 Anello km 15 - 15000 Lago Murato Frassinoro
6 Campo Scuola - -Lago Murato Frassinoro

Informazioni: +39 0536 969614 - +39 347 0153402 - +39 340 3365203



A few hundred metres from the centre of Frassinoro there are the cross-country skiing trails of Lago Murato, made famous by one of the most well-know Italian cross-country skiers:  Tonino Biondini, highly appreciated also as coach of the Italian team.

The trails were opened at the beginning of the sixties and are located at 1200 m; there are 2, 3, 5 and 7.5 km loops mainly dedicated to competitive activities.

A 20 km excursion loop along old muletracks connects Mount Modino (1410 m) to Mount Uccelliera (1324 m).

The Val Dragone cross-country ski school offers individual lessons, lessons for beginners, experts and ski-roll courses. Special offers for groups and families.

Information: +39 0536 969890 - +39 347 7732014

Valli del Dragone

Tourist information Comunità Montana Appennino Modena Ovest Comuni di Frassinoro, Montefiorino, Palagano, Prignano Via Rocca, 1 41045 Montefiorino (MO) tel +39 0536 962727 - fax 0536 965312 -

How to get here


From Bologna: Autostrada del Sole "A1/A22"  exit at "Modena Nord", join the bypass in the direction of Sassuolo and follow signs for P.sso delle Radici (SS.486)

From Milan: Autostrada del Sole "A1" exit at "Reggio Emilia", follow signs for Scandiano, Sassuolo and then for P.sso delle Radici (SS.486)

From Florence/Rome: "A11" motorway

- exit at Lucca, follow signs for Castelnuovo Garfagnana, Passo delle Radici;

- exit at Pistoia, follow signs for Passo Abetone (SS.12), Piandelagotti-Passo delle Radici;

- exit at Modena Nord;


Nearest railway station: Sassuolo, Castelnuovo Garfagnana


Sassuolo bus station

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