Parco Regionale Abbazia di Monteveglio

Just a stone’s throw from the city this is the smallest Regional Park in Emilia Romagna: the Parco Regionale Abbazia di Monteveglio, located in the first hills near Monteveglio in the Samoggia Valley, was established in 1995 to protect a meaningful portion of the valley dominated by the hill.

It borders to the east and west with the Ghiaia di Serravalle stream and Marzatore River and includes the hills south and west of Monteveglio: the hill of Monteveglio Alto with the remains of the medieval castle and abbey of Santa Maria di Monteveglio, the millenary parish church, mounts Morello, Gennaro and Freddo, and the beautiful small valley of the Ramato River, natural heart of this protected area. To the south it embraces the Pravazzano River valley with wild and harsh landscape framed by sharp calanque peaks. The southern part of the park is in fact characterised by clay outcrops, while extensive cultivated areas can be found in the areas that overlook the plain; the vineyards here produce the well-known quality wines of these hills.


The Parco dell'Abbazia covers about 1100 hectares and the landscape is particularly beautiful: a mosaic of wooded mountains, small valleys and grey calanques alternates with agricultural areas with the traditional hill-type configuration. Fields, crops and cherry orchards stretch over these areas. The landscape changes from the barren and sunny calanque area with ancient rocks (animals take refuge in these calanque areas as well as in the secluded small Ramato River valley) to the lush vegetation of deep and damp small valleys like the Ramato River valley (where beautiful orchids and snowdrops grow), to arid and sunny woods, to cultivated areas with traces of traditional cultivation methods no longer used in the plain, and often also forgotten in the hills, now replaced by mechanised agriculture which is not so in harmony with the environment.

Alongside the harsh natural environment the territory offers extraordinary historical sites such as the remains of the castle of the Matilde di Canossa’s period, stage of famous tormented medieval events, the abbey of Santa Maria covering the upper part of the medieval village, the millenary parish church, beautiful noble residences, oratories and ancient rural settlements surrounded by fields and vineyards. The fourteenth-century castle tower now houses a visitor centre dedicated to the tormented historical events of Monteveglio which in medieval times enjoyed moments of great importance. The castle is famous for having resisted the siege of Emperor Henry IV.

The site, of great natural and historical-monumental interest, attracts a great number of visitors; access to the park is easy and regulated by the Park authorities. The diverse environment that characterises the Parco dell'Abbazia makes this protected area very fertile ground for environmental education: many schools visit the park to study the natural, agricultural, landscape, historical, architectural and social aspects of the territory as well as the evolution of the relationship between man and nature. Visit the park and enjoy this fascinating landscape where history, nature and the work of man merge to create a harmonious picture of shapes and colours.


Management: Management Consortium made up of the Municipality of Monteveglio, Mountain Community of the Samoggia Valley and the Province of Bologna

Headquarters: Via Abbazia, 28 (Centro San Teodoro) - 40050 Monteveglio (BO)
Tel: +39 051 6701044
Fax: +39 051 6702301

Law: Regional Law no. 39 of 14 April 1995

The Visitor Centre of the Castello di Monteveglio, in Via Abbazia 30, is open Sunday afternoon from 3.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m., from Easter to 1 November.

The Centro Parco San Teodoro, in Via Abbazia 28, organises environmental education activities.


How to get here:

From Bologna: follow the SS 569 Bazzanese road, then in the village of Muffa, just after Crespellano, turn for Monteveglio and follow the directions.

From Modena take the Bazzanese road passing through Vignola, Savignano and Bazzano.

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