Corno Alle Scale

Corno Alle Scale

Parco Regionale del Corno alle Scale

The Corno alle Scale park is just one hour from Florence and Bologna and offers visitors the opportunity to enter in direct contact with nature in all seasons and enjoy unforgettable moments of well-being, relaxation, fun and folklore.

The park covers five thousand hectares on the ridge of the imposing Corno alle Scale (1944 m) chain, the highest peak of the park and of the Bologna Apennines; Mount Corno alle Scale is marked by sandstone layers right to the top (giving it its name “scale” meaning steps) which are easily visible and look like the side of a book resting on the beech woods. The central axis of this protected area stretches north with Mount Nuda (1828 m) and east with Mount Gennaio (1812 m) which dominates the Silla Valley. Near the two main towns, Lizzano in Belvedere and Vidiciatico, there are the wooded sides of Mount Pizzo (1194 m) and Mount Grande (1531 m) respectively.


A small mountain sanctuary where environment and traditions go hand in hand with the requirements of modern tourism; the park offers a thousand opportunities to be discovered and enjoyed.

The park protects a precious mountain area with high and majestic mountains and striking valleys created by the Dardagna and Silla streams (the beautiful Dardagna Waterfalls and those of the wild Orrido di Tanamalia). Hardwood forests, mainly of beech, cover most of the area and embrace the solitary flow of crystal clear streams; the higher part of the park is covered with blueberry moors, while the peaks are covered in meadows.

This is the most interesting aspect of this park: in fact if, on the one hand, the geographical characteristics have led to the development of Apennine environments (with typical flora and fauna), on the other, the height of the Corno alle Scale and other nearby peaks offer an alpine habitat. This results in a variety of habitats with meadows in the higher parts that alternate with woods, cultivated areas, basins and watersheds with many rare Apennine species with beautiful flowers and other species typical of alpine areas. For example, purple gentian and the beautiful alpine columbine with large blue flowers can be found here. Natural woods, chestnut trees, beech woods and fir and pine and reforestation areas offer a magnificent multi-coloured show every season.


Thanks to the limited impact of man, the fauna in this park is one of the most interesting in Italy. In the park you can meet shy roe deer, fallow deer, mouflons and see a great number of bird species including the majestic royal eagle. The large wooded areas provide safe refuge to one of the rarest and most fascinating animals which returned to these mountains a few years ago: the wolf, a clear sign of a newly found environmental balance.

Solitary valleys, small villages nestled just out of the woods on the more gentle slopes, sanctuaries and waterfalls lying in a fan shape at the foot of the mountain offer architectural features typical of mountain areas.

The Corno alle Scale area is a truly unique holiday destination that offers sporting activities, excursions, villages to visit, walks, horseback rides, mountain bike itineraries and mouth watering local products.

But the most wonderful experience that visitors can live in the Corno alle Scale area is meeting its inhabitants: a simple greeting in the street and the warm welcome that pervades this area will make tourists feel part of the community.

Tourists can live experiences and sensations of times gone by in one of the 30 hotels (nearly all three star) of this area or by staying in one of the residential hotels, holiday farmhouses, B&Bs or houses for rent available in this area.


Management: Consorzio tra Comune di Lizzano in Belvedere, Comunità Montana dell’Alta e Media Valle del Reno, Provincia di Bologna
Offices: Via Roma 1, loc Pianaccio - 40042 Lizzano in Belvedere (BO)
Tel: +39 0534 51761
Fax: +39 0534 51763

Link: (Italian)

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