Triton's Park Adventure

Triton's Park Adventure

An adventure park with lakes and tritons.

Triton's Park Adventure is named after the strange crested amphibians that populate the small lake at the centre of the park.  Tritons and fish are one of the natural attractions of the park which offers five treetop trails for adults and children.

Seven platforms make up the two Junior trails for children over 4 years old, between 100 cm and 140 cm tall.

The "Junior 1" trail reaches a maximum height of 1.60 m off the ground, ideal to learn how to balance suspended in the air.

The “Junior 2" trail, which is 31 metres long, reaches a maximum height off the ground of 2.30 metres; it includes suspended pipes, a Nepalese bridge, a walkway with horizontal planks and a few “tricks”. Children are fitted with a double safety harness and must be constantly supervised by their parents who will be adequately trained; instructors are always available and present.

Children taller than 1.40 m and adults have the choice of four trails of increasing difficulty. Before tackling theses trails, everyone must go on a second Practice trail to learn how to use the safety equipment.

The Green Trail is “medium-easy” with seven platforms along 55 metres at a maximum height of 4.20 metres.

The Blue Trail is a “medium-difficult” 58 m long trail, which is rather challenging in terms of balance and coordination: it starts with a three cable bridge, then an uphill single cable, swinging logs placed lengthways, a “tricky” bridge with rungs, swinging ropes and a zip wire with a maximum height off the ground of 7.5 metres.

For fit adventure lovers there is the “difficult” Red Trail, which is 80 metres long with 7 platforms; the obstacles are longer and for people who do not feel so confident it may require some extra physical effort. A sequence of long swinging logs, ropes, single swinging stirrups, transversal swings, and the large black vertical net all guarantee a thrilling experience; the trail ends with a 60 metre zip wire....without the usual green net to help you.

The Tree Climbing platform is ideal to experience professional tree climbing in total safety ....using the right equipment, on a fixed vertical rope, you can reach a comfortable position 7 m from the ground...and enjoy a different view. It is challenging in terms of coordination and requires some physical effort.

After the exciting acrobatic adventures, adults and children can enjoy something to eat in the picnic areas equipped with BBQs.

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Via Madonna dei Boschi nei pressi di Monghidoro (BO)
tel. +39 347 8569160
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