The province of Piacenza is made up of different yet neighbouring climatic, physical and cultural identities: on one side, the fresh hills and valleys dotted with castles and vineyards, traces of the ancient dominions and rulers; on the other side, the foggy plain of the Po River and its tributaries, with canals and poplars.

The Po River calmly flows in the province of Piacenza marking the northern boundary for over one hundred kilometres and flowing through the town just 300 m from the old town centre creating a century old alliance of history and landscapes. On one side the Po plain with fascinating riverside sites unique for their atmosphere, culture and natural environments immersed in the autumn fogs; on the other side, beyond the flood plains, the brightness of sunny days in the hills and vineyards that take tourists back in time to the typical way of living of the Emilia area: good food, good music and genuine traditions. All this can be discovered by exploring the hills with their orderly cultivations, villages, ancient settlements and castles and travelling up to the Apennines which stretch into Liguria, Lombardy and Piedmont among vineyards, meadows, woods and waterways.

Viewed from the Po River, Piacenza shows its elegant and austere side with the imposing Palazzo Farnese and high bell towers. Piacenza, a town of medieval appearance, thirty eighth stop in the “journey of Sigeric” along the ancient via Francigena, was founded as a Roman colony in 218 BC, in 1126 it became a free commune and in 1848 was declared “Primogenita” (first-born) of the unification of Italy. Piacenza is also called the city of palaces for its many noble mansions of artistic and architectural value.


Agricultural landscape, vineyards and castles: this is the province in the region with the highest number of Doc (controlled denomination of origin) wines and Dop (protected designation of origin) products.  Ortrugo white wine and Gutturnio red wine are perfect to be enjoyed with prestigious top quality cheeses, cold meats and salami; wines that open and close sumptuous meals of tasty local dishes prepared with local products like truffles, potatoes, tomatoes and ancient fruit that proudly survives modern biotechnologies.

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The PO RIVER AND FOOD ROUTE OF THE plain of piacenza

History, land, traditions and genuine tastes. Travellers along this itinerary wishing to dedicate their time to tasty shopping will be attracted by the strong sense of identity that permeates this route. Not only castles or riverside villages, not only rows of poplars along the river banks but a slow, balanced and harmonious immersion into this land: excellent cold meats, salami and cheeses to be tasted after a visit to a castle or old town centre or after a bike ride along the river banks, accompanied by a local legend narrated by the restaurant manager.


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