Ferrara Land and Water

The province of Ferrara stretches over the Po Plain with a far-ranging and calm landscape born from the balance between land and water. It lies in the north-eastern point of Emilia-Romagna and gives life to multifaceted landscapes: cultivated fields, art cities, woods, valleys and pinewoods as well as resorts on the Adriatic coast.

The province lies in fact between the Po River to the north, the Reno River to the south and the Adriatic Sea to the east and includes 26 municipalities. A horizon without mountains, a landscape touched by the great Po River, the expanses of water of the gentle and brackish valleys and the countryside interrupted by river banks and ancient rises formed by the rivers or sea; woods, pinewoods and many sanctuaries that protect the wild fauna make up the varied and rich natural heritage of the province of Ferrara.
Nature offers its best performance with the extraordinary jigsaw that makes up the Parco del Delta del Po with its eco-museums and fascinating trails that never fail to amaze visitors.

At the discovery of the Wine and Dine routes in the Province of Ferrara

The first of the three itineraries runs along orchards, fields of cereals and poplars on the imposing banks of the great Po River at the discovery of its tastes, from the duck to the sliced salama pork sausage, and the frogs.

The second itinerary reaches the ancient Estense Courts crossing the “capitals” of the salama da sugo (typical pork sausage), garlic, rice and asparagus.

The third and final itinerary dives into the plain of the Parco del Delta with a world of valleys made of reed thickets, fishing facilities, woods and the flight of thousands of birds; the sands of the Bosco Eliceo produce light and tasty Doc (controlled denomination of origin) wines which together with the eel are the protagonists of this food and wine route.

link: Ferrara Wine and Dine Route

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